Café Baker

Job Summary:

We are seeking an experienced baker with at least one year of previous experience in baking.  The pastries and bake goods we offer are a critical part of what we do at Mon Vert Café. You will be responsible for baking off necessary items in the morning, setting out the pastries, and producing pastries and other baked goods for the following days. It is also the baker’s responsibility to ensure the quality of the goods being used is up to par and make note of when supplies are running low so that an order can be made. The baker works intimately with the other kitchen staff so it is crucial that you work well with others and are able to maintain a clean and organized workspace. 

Job Responsibilities:

    • Mixing, preparing, and baking quick bread and pastries. 

    • Arranging the display case in an appealing manner. 

    • Ordering more supplies. 

    • Crafting and creating new and exciting baked goods. 

    • Ensuring all baked goods are completed on time for opening. 


  • Ability to read and follow recipes. 

  • Baking. 

  • Good organizational skills. 

  • Must be able to adhere to health and safety regulations. 

  • Ability to meet strict deadlines. 

  • Creativity in crafting new pastries. 


  • 1-2 years of experience in a comparable position and love of baking. 

  • Positive references. 

  • Ability to work in a busy kitchen environment. 

  • This position will require frequent standing and use of hands and arms.

  • Must be able to lift up to 30lbs and frequently bend and twist from the waist.

Compensation: Based on experience.


  • Daytime Hours

  • Paid time-off after one year of employment

  • Free Staff Meal for every shift

  • Somewhat flexible work schedule

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